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This Washington Journo Can’t Be Accused Of Dressing Like A Dumpy D.C. Lawmaker

U.S. News & World Report‘s fashion plate Dave Catanese was on cable news earlier today wearing this spiffy attire. A media watcher who sent it in calls it “Fire Island ex-Politico chic.” At least the senior politics reporter doesn’t appear to be in boring Brooks Brothers like the rest of Washington. “It’s very flashy,” our tipster remarked.

I sought comment from Catanese to find out about his fashion influences and where he shops.

UPDATE: Catanese replied to my questions. For context, I’d remarked that I thought his look was very un-DC. He wrote, “There’s a lot of un-DC in me, Betsy. The shirt’s from ASOS, a kick-ass new online store I recently discovered. Cheap too. I do a lot of online shopping — but admit to regularly perusing the GQ, Esquire, Details and Men’s Health for ideas and influences. Though the jacket today was from the Zara in G-town (on Sale!) The make-up ladies LOVED it. I must say though, after one appearance, an unnamed television personality told me to do him a favor and ‘Never wear that jacket on television again.’ But I can’t apologize for not being a Vineyard Vines guy with pleated khakis. #amIright?”

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