Hannity: Can ‘Not In Good Conscience Recommend People Serve’ In Military Under Obama

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      Jamie Weinstein

      Jamie Weinstein is Senior Editor of The Daily Caller. His work has appeared in The Weekly Standard, the New York Daily News and The Washington Examiner, among many other publications. He also worked as the Collegiate Network Journalism Fellow at Roll Call Newspaper and is the winner of the 2011 "Funniest Celebrity in Washington" contest. A regular on Fox News and other cable news outlets, Weinstein received a master’s degree in the history of international relations from the London School of Economics in 2009 and a bachelor's degree in history and government from Cornell University in 2006. He is the author of the political satire, "The Lizard King: The Shocking Inside Account of Obama's True Intergalactic Ambitions by an Anonymous White House Staffer."

During an exchange with retired Army Col. Ralph Peters on his Fox News show Thursday, Sean Hannity said that given President Obama’s handling of foreign policy he couldn’t recommend young people join the military.

“If I’m looking at us giving up all of our gains in Iraq, I don’t know if I can in good conscience recommend that any American sign up for the military under this leadership,” Hannity said, referring to Obama’s failure to negotiate a status of forces agreement with Iraq to leave American soldiers in the Middle Eastern country past 2011.

Some believe America’s complete withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 ultimately led to the re-emergence of al-Qaida in Iraq, the terror group that is now known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

“If they risk their blood and treasure and give up their lives only to give it back a year later?” Hannity continued. “I really could not in good conscience recommend people serve under those circumstances.”

Though a staunch critic of Obama, Peters pushed back on Hannity’s statement.

“Well, I can,” Peters responded. “You got to remember administrations come and go. But by God, the U.S. Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy and now the Air Force — and the Coast Guard — they stand. They’re always here.”

“The military is the one institution we must preserve at all costs because they will see us through the terrible times,” Peters added.

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