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Report: NBC’s Luke Russert Lands $500,000 Bonus For ‘Meet the Press’ Gig (UPDATE: Not True, Says NBC)

Hey ladies…might want to cozy up to NBC’s Luke Russert because he’s swimming in cash.

DC Gadfly Evan Gahr has learned of some little enraged birdies inside NBC’s Washington bureau who are a little irked that Russert is rolling in extra dough because of his new panel role on Sunday’s revamped Meet the Press with moderator Chuck Todd.

Now about whether Russert actually deserves this boost? Gahr’s source says no.

The Mirror requested comment from a NBC spokeswoman.

UPDATE: NBC’s Erika Masonhall has responded to our request for comment:

“We don’t typically comment on contracts, but in this case we feel it’s warranted: this is absolutely untrue.”

UPDATE #2: Gahr told The Mirror, “The late, far left journalist Alexander Cockburn had a great expression that went something like: ‘Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.'”