Jesse Ventura: I Don’t Regret Suing Chris Kyle

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura told The Daily Caller that he does not regret suing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and doubled down on his case against the fallen sniper’s widow.

“Not at all. Chris Kyle lied,” Ventura told TheDC when asked if he regretted filing his defamation lawsuit against Kyle and continuing the suit against Kyle’s widow after Kyle’s death.

Ventura was awarded $1.845 million in the case, which stemmed from Kyle’s claim in his book that he punched Ventura in a bar because Ventura said that Navy SEALs deserved to lose some wartime battles.

Ventura, who now hosts a show on Ora TV, responded to angry Kyle supporters.

“First of all, how could anyone be angry with me? I didn’t do anything. Chris Kyle made up a story and lied. He wrote about it. All I asked for was it to be retracted and an apology. [Kyle and his publisher] refused. They would not admit to lying or fabrication, and they would not restore my reputation. So therefore, they left me with no choice but to go to court. That was the only alternative I was left with. I was backed into a corner so I went to court to prove that what Chris Kyle said about me was a lie. So Kyle’s supporters, in other words, support Chris’s lie?”

“The only way to clear my name and attempt to gain my reputation back was to go to court and do it in a court of law. We did it. The federal judge and his final ruling stated that there was substantial evidence to support the verdict. Substantial. When are these Chris Kyle supporters going to read that and understand that substantial means a great deal of evidence? Not a little bit, but a great deal of evidence.”

Why did he continue with the lawsuit even after Kyle’s death?

“First of all, I sued Kyle before his death. Unfortunately, he died. I wish he would have lived. I chose to go ahead because there was no retraction [from him or his publisher]. It was destroying my reputation. I lost my TV series, I could not get a job, and the lie was hurting me and my family immensely. It hurt my reputation in the military community, where I was now unwanted in the UTD SEAL association — all because of his lie,” Ventura said.