PHOTOS: Check Out The $12 Million Mansion Hillary Is Escaping To

Hillary Clinton is getting ready to escape the campaign trail and spend the last two weeks of August in a $100,000 beach rental.

“Dead broke”? Not anymore!

According to Page Six, Bill and Hillary Clinton reportedly just booked the 6-figure rental mansion in the Hamptons.

The 7 bedroom, 7.5 bathroom home, owned by Republican art collector Andre Nasser, is worth nearly $12 million.

Want to see what life is like for the rich and famous? Check out the inside of Hillary’s ritzy vacation rental.


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  • The $12 million home has seven bedrooms and seven and a half baths. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • It's in a hidden cul-de-sac in the Hamptons. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • The house was built in 2007. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • A two week rental is costing them $100,000. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • The house sits on 1.39 acres. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • The couple rented the same house for three weeks last year. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • Clinton will be fundraising with the wealthy in the Hamptons. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • They’ll be joined by Chelsea, her husband, Marc, and their baby daughter, Charlotte. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • They arrive on August 21. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • Her fundraising starts the next day. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • Clinton recently touted a 'debt-free college plan.' (Photo: Street Easy)
  • The house last sold in 2002. (Photo: Street Easy)
  • It's swanky, to say the least. (Photo: Street Easy)