Hillary Clinton Touts Plan To ‘Take On The NRA’

Casey Harper | Contributor

Hillary Clinton’s campaign touted the presidential candidate’s intention to ‘take on the NRA’ Saturday.

Clinton’s campaign sent out an email promoting Clinton’s record on gun control and assuring Americans that if she is elected, the NRA should be very afraid.

“Hillary has been fighting hard to prevent gun violence for decades, from her vocal support of the Brady Bill in 1993 to her calls on the campaign trail to take on the NRA and pass commonsense solutions to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals,” the email reads. “She is the champion we need on this issue — but she needs all of us to stand behind her.”

The email blasts congressional Republicans for refusing to implement more gun control measures Thursday, including expanded background checks.

The gun control issue has risen to the surface of the presidential race after a series of mass shootings, most recently the Wednesday shooting in San Bernardino, California that killed and wounded dozens. Democratic presidential candidates Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley all tweeted some sort of call for increased gun control immediately following the shooting, while Republican candidates mostly tweeted prayers and words of support for the victims and their families.

The email begs America to think of the children.

“We need to take action now,” Clinton is quoted in the email. “No parent should have to worry about sending their kids to school, or going to a movie theater, or even going to church. No one should have that basic sense of safety and security ripped away from them.”

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