Michael Moore Stood In Front Of Trump Tower And Held Up A Sign

Jim Treacher | Blogger

You might not think holding up a sign accomplishes much, but it accomplishes exactly what Michael Moore wants. It soaks up some leftover attention from somebody who’s been getting more of it than he is.

Here are a few things his dumb sign should have said.

In real life, which isn’t nearly as much fun, Moore’s sign said “We Are All Muslim.” Which is weird, because being a Muslim has highly specific requirements. There are a lot of things you need to do in order to be Muslim, some on a daily basis. If I were a Muslim, I’d be pretty ticked off at Michael Moore for devaluing my religion.

Why does Michael Moore hate Muslims so much that he wants people to think he’s one? As if their PR isn’t bad enough already. I guess he figures he’s an honorary member because his last movie was such a bomb.

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