ISIS Member Publicly Executes His Own Mother In Front Of Crowd Of Hundreds

An Islamic State member reportedly executed his own mother in front of hundreds of people in Raqqa on Thursday.

Twenty-year-old Ali Saqr killed his mother 45-year-old Leena Al-Qasem in front of the post office where she worked after she tried to persuade him to abandon the caliphate and run away with her, reports Newsweek. (RELATED: Iraqi Refugee Charged With Planning ISIS-Inspired Attack)

The ISIS flag is held up by demonstrators. (Getty Images)   The ISIS flag is held up by demonstrators. (Getty Images)   

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (U.K.), Al-Qasem tried to tell her son that the U.S. led coalition — currently launching airstrikes against ISIS troops — “will kill all members of the organization.”

SOHR additionally stated it is unclear if Saqr carried out the execution under caliphate orders or of his own accord. (RELATED: Will Congress Finally Declare War On ISIS?)

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