Lots Of Women Will Be Going To Hell Now, According To Clinton Supporter Madeleine Albright

A vast majority of the women who voted in New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday will go to Hell when they die, according to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s logic.

The Hillary Clinton supporter generated controversy over the weekend when she attempted to shame female voters into voting for her friend by repeating her now-infamous slogan, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” at a campaign event. The line drew a ferocious cackle from Clinton, who stood next to Albright on stage at the event. (RELATED: Madeleine Albright Tells Young Women Voters There’s ‘A Special Place In Hell’ For Them If They Don’t Support Hillary)

But the specter of eternal damnation did little to sway the Granite State’s female voters to choose Clinton over her competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

According to exit polls compiled by CNN, 53 percent of women who voted for a Democrat chose the 74-year-old Sanders over Clinton. Sixty-five percent of men picked Sanders. NBC’s exit polls are slightly more favorable to Sanders. He carried 55 percent of women.

But that’s not all of the women who, according to Albright, will spend eternity in Satan’s kingdom.

Of voters who chose a Republican on Tuesday, 49 percent were women, according to both CNN’s and NBC’s exit polls. Donald Trump women the GOP race by a decisive margin. He carried 34 percent of the total Republican vote when he was named the projected winner. Twenty-nine percent of female voters on the GOP side picked the real estate billionaire.

Albright’s “Hell” line — which she has repeated for years during various speeches — led to blowback from many Democratic women who it was condescending to suggest that they had to vote for Clinton just because she is a woman.

One Clinton campaign official in Massachusetts went as far as suggesting on Tuesday that Albright stay away from the campaign trail because she risked alienating young women voters.

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