Pregnant Chelsea Clinton: I Left The Church Because Of Abortion

Chelsea Clinton says she left a pro-life Baptist church when she was six years old because they taught her about abortion.

The 35-year-old reportedly said she was tired of critics questioning her family’s religion during a recent fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton pregnant

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“I find it quite insulting sometimes when people say to my mom, my dad or me that they question our faith,” Clinton said(RELATED: Employees Are Fleeing The Clinton Foundation Because Chelsea Is So Awful, Report Says)

“I was raised in a Methodist church and I left the Baptist church before my dad did because I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday School. That’s a true story.”

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“I recognized that there were many expressions of faith that I don’t agree with and feel [are] quite antithetical to how I read the Bible,” Clinton continued, “but I find it really challenging when people who are self-professed liberals kind of look askance at my family’s history.” (RELATED: Chelsea Clinton Answers Whether She’ll Ever Run For President)

“My mother is very deeply a person of faith.”

In December, Clinton announced she was pregnant with her second child. (RELATED: Chelsea Clinton: A Kanye West Presidential Bid Would Be ‘Awesome’)