Donald Trump And Megyn Kelly Play Nice During GOP Debate [VIDEO]

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly had a cordial first interaction since a feud developed between them in the aftermath of the August 2015 Fox News debate.

During the Fox News debate on Thursday, Trump even complimented Kelly saying, “You’re looking well.” (VIDEO: Donald Trump Clarifies The Size Of His Junk On National TV)

Kelly made the first overture to make up with Trump, saying, “Mr. Trump, hi.”

Trump replied, “Hello.” Kelly then asked, “How you doing?”

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The brash billionaire answered, “Nice to be with you, Megyn.”

Kelly answered, “Great to have you here.”

Trump answered, “You’re looking well.” Kelly agreed claiming, “As are you.”

In the Fox News debate prior to Iowa, which was co-moderated by Kelly, Trump chose not to attend.

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