Glenn Beck’s Trump Riff: ‘The Stabbing Just Wouldn’t Stop’ [AUDIO]

During a monologue Friday about Donald Trump’s Thursday night debate performance, radio host Glenn Beck said that if he “had a knife, the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

Beck’s co-host, Stu Burguiere, told The Daily Caller Friday — after this article’s publication — that, despite the appearance of a threat against Trump, Beck was instead playfully threatening to murder his own co-host.

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Beck began the segment by stating his amazement at how conservatives across the country aren’t up in arms over Trump’s debate behavior. (VIDEO: Trump Clarifies The Size Of His Junk On TV)

“I don’t know what I would have done if I was sitting in” Cruz or Rubio’s shoes, Beck stated. “I can’t say it that way. If I were on the stage, I would have said, ‘have you been listening to him tonight? Have you been listening to what I say about him? I believe these things.'”

At that point, Burguiere began to rib Beck for the “sitting in shoes” analogy.

Beck went on: “If I was close enough and had a knife, the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

Burguiere insists that threat was meant for him.

Give a listen to the audio above.


Glenn Beck and Donald Trump (Getty Images)   Glenn Beck and Donald Trump (Getty Images)   

This article was updated after publication.

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