David Brock: ‘Trump Is The Last Stand Of The Angry White Man’

Media Matters founder and prominent Hillary Clinton supporter David Brock believes Donald Trump is the final cry of the “angry white man.”

In speech transcripts obtained by The Washington Post, Brock is set to target Trump for the billionaire’s supposed “sexism” in Arizona Saturday on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

“Whether he’s mocking Carly Fiorina’s face, suggesting Megyn Kelly was on her period, or talking about Hillary getting ‘schlonged,’ Trump is the last stand of the angry white man,” the Hillary surrogate is slated to say.

Brock — who’s head of two explicitly pro-Clinton groups — believes that if the general election comes down to Clinton and Trump, the former first lady will be able to deliver a crushing defeat to the former reality TV star over gender issues.

“It’s worth noting that while Trump has successfully belittled his male rivals, his attacks on these women fell flat, and I believe that when Trump targets his schoolyard bullying and sexist banter against Hillary, his tactics will backfire,” he continues.

“Should Trump be the Republican nominee, the prospect of a record-setting gender gap is, well, huuuge,” Brock’s speech reads. “In fact, a Hillary versus Trump race will likely produce the biggest gender gap in the history of modern American politics.”

According to The Washington Post, Brock’s Saturday speeches offer a preview of the line of attacks the Clinton campaign and its surrogates will use against Trump if he’s the Republican nominee. The strategy will heavily emphasize Trump’s “degradation of women” in order to win over the female vote for Hillary.

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