Hillary Clinton Apologizes For Praising Nancy Reagan

Hillary Clinton apologized Friday for praising the late Nancy Reagan’s response to the 1980s AIDS crisis on the day of the former first lady’s funeral.

Hillary had said, “It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it was for people to talk about HIV/AIDS in the 1980s.” Clinton added, “With [Nancy’s] very effective, low-key advocacy…it penetrated the public consciousness and people began to say: we have to do something about this too.”

The comments were not well received on the Left.

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Gay activist Dan Savage wrote, “You want to say something nice about Dead Nancy Fucking Dead Reagan on the TV? Compliment her taste in china. Don’t go on television and lie about her and her husband’s homophobic, hateful, appalling, murderous record on HIV/AIDS. Just don’t.”

Here’s Clinton’s apology for her comments about the Reagans’ record on HIV and AIDS: pic.twitter.com/RtIs0zpJfk