Belgian: ‘I’ve Been Pretty Leftist My Entire Life’ But ‘I Am Done Defending’ Islam

In the wake of the Brussels terror attacks, a Belgian Reddit user wrote that though, “I’ve been pretty leftist my entire life … I am done defending” Islamic culture.

Belgian:   Belgian: 'I've Been Pretty Leftist My Entire Life' But 'I Am Done Defending' Islam (Getty Images)   

Responding to the “Reports of explosions at Brussels airport” thread, the now deleted comment — which was screen capturedĀ and re-shared on “The Donald” subreddit — explained that “enough is enough.”

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“I’m all for integration and tolerance, but something is rotten to the core when it comes to Muslim culture within Europe,” the post continued. “Djihadis, fundamentalists, whatever you want to call them are either too plentiful or have too much influence. Whether that was our fault due to not giving them the tools to integrate or theirs for refusing to take advantage of those tools is besides the point.”

“I am done defending this culture. I am done playing devil’s advocate… Perhaps it’s time we showed the world again that when we stand as one force, we will not bend. It’s time to show that dogs without bark can still bite.”

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The post received a number of positive responses.

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