Cops: San Jose Protesters Attacked Anything With An American Flag

A new statement from an undercover police officer in San Jose reveals anti-Donald Trump rioters targeted anybody they saw carrying or wearing an American flag.

The revelation is included in the arrest report for Antonio Moses Fernandez, a teenager who was arrested during the June 2 riot for allegedly hurting a police officer with a thrown barricade.

“Protesters armed themselves with eggs, bottles, rocks, and newspapers and threw items at Trump-supporters,” the report says. “I also observed anyone wearing the American flag or a printed American flag were being confronted in an aggressive manner. It was my belief the protesters associated the American flag [with] a Trump supporter.”

The arrest report also notes many protesters burned the American flag. (RELATED: San Jose Mayor Blames Trump For Riot)

In contrast to their hostility towards the U.S. flag, many of the protesters proudly carried and waved Mexican flags throughout the riot.

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