Banning Of American Flag At H.S. Football Game Stirs Uproar

Mary Lou Lang | Contributor

A South Carolina high school principal’s decision to ban the American flag at a football game over the weekend because he thought it could be used to “taunt” others or be “unsportsmanlike” is under fire for his actions.

The principal of Travelers Rest High School released a statement over the weekend after students were not allowed to bring American flags to a football game on Friday night, reported local WBTW news.

Principal Lou Lavely said his decision was to have the flag respected and “not allow the American flag to be used in an improper ‘taunting,’ unsportsmanlike manner.”

The Greenville County School district also issued a statement saying it “encourages and supports the appropriate display of the United States Flag in accord with the United States Flag Code.”

In a Facebook posting, Hunter Ballew said he was outraged when he picked up his brother at the game and heard he was banned from bringing the American flag into the game.

Ballew is a Marine Corps recruiter, according to his Facebook page.

“Lou Lavely, Travelers Rest High School Principal, continues to power trip and strip young Americans the right to proudly boast this Nation’s flag. Last night I picked my brother up from the TRHS Football game and he told me that Lavely had denied entry to a couple of young men with Americans flag. I can’t deny the rage I felt as this is the third incident I’ve had involving Lavely and the flag I love,” wrote Ballew over the weekend.

In a posting Monday on Facebook, Ballew wrote, “In the midst of this American Flag controversy, our company, Pace Media, will be offering discounts to establishments who show support of our great nation and its veterans.”

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