New York Times Scrubs NYC Children’s Services Quote From Weiner Article

A New York Times article about the latest sexting scandal involving disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner was mysteriously scrubbed late Monday night, removing a quote from the city agency that probes suspected child abuse or neglect. Another quote from a NYC professor noting “investigations rarely are done on the privileged side of town” was also removed.

FOX 11 Los Angeles reporter Zohreen Adamjee noticed the deletion Monday night, tweeting, “Weird. @nytimes removed last paragraphs of Weiner piece. (I tweeted about it earlier).campaign upset??”

The website NewsDiffs, which tracks changes to news articles, shows that the paragraphs were originally published online, and remained there until at least the late afternoon.

“City officials would not comment on whether the incident would prompt an inquiry into Mr. Weiner’s behavior,” the article credited to New York Times journalists Amy Chozick and Patrick Healy originally read.

Deputy Press Secretary for the Administration for Children’s Services Carol Cáceres was quoted as stating, “Confidentiality laws preclude us from commenting on specific cases.”

According to the Administration for Children’s Services website, the agency “conducts more than 55,000 investigations of suspected child abuse or neglect.”

The Times article originally concluded with the following line: “Martin Guggenheim, a professor of law at New York University and expert on children’s rights, said Mr. Weiner’s behavior wasn’t likely to trigger an inquiry, adding that such ‘investigations rarely are done on the privileged side of town.'”