EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds Of White House Staffer’s Emails Get Leaked

DC Leaks has given The Daily Caller exclusive access Wednesday to hundreds of emails leaked from White House advance associate Zach Leighton’s personal account.

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While the emails are from Leighton’s Gmail, there are hundreds that involve his work. Leighton works for the White House and most of the emails are about Obama’s traveling but many of the recent ones discuss planning for both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

DC Leaks has previously leaked the emails of another White House staffer Ian Mellul. They have also been responsible for leaking emails from Colin Powell and retired Air Force General Philip Breedlove. TheDC has reached out to the White House for comment regarding the recent leak. A spokesman responded, “We’ll let you know if we have anything.”

DC Leaks has been accused of having ties to the Russian government by cybersecurity firm ThreatConnect.