Army Rescues ‘Fat-Ass’ Raccoon Stuck Upside-Down In Tank [VIDEO]

Russ Read | Pentagon/Foreign Policy Reporter

A rotund raccoon’s curiosity got the better of him after he got stuck head first in an Army tank, a YouTube video posted Thursday shows.

A group of men, including one uniformed soldier, found the raccoon stuck upside-down in the tank. One of the men dons protective gloves, climbs the tank and begins to try to pull out the raccoon out by his legs.

“What did you do little guy?” Said the cameraman. “We gotta rescue this guy out of the tank, come on.”

The man with the gloves pulls on the unfortunate mammal from multiple angles, but the raccoon does not budge.

“Oh wow, he’s stuck,” said the gloved man.

“Got any, like, butter we can put around him?” asks the cameraman.

“He’s a little fatty,” said the gloved man. “And he’s pissed that I am touching him.”

The three men suggest using various lubricants on the animal, with the hope of pushing him into the tank so he can escape through the bottom. The cameraman noted that another raccoon got stuck in the tank before, and was able to escape through a larger hole in the bottom.

“You fat-ass,” said one of them men after another failed attempt.

The gloved man finally gives up, allowing another to “give it a shot.”

The soldier finally loosens the raccoon by wiggling it by the legs.

“Oh, he’s pissed,” said one of the men, as the raccoon begins to come out of the tank.

“I’m gonna fling him that way,” said the soldier, gesturing to his left. He then proceeded to toss the raccoon by the feet, allowing it to run into the nearby woods.

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