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Poor Rep. Steve King: Veep Pence Cuts Him Out Of A Selfie

In Kim Kardashian‘s plastic world, this would be akin to getting slapped across the face. But the unthinkable has happened: VP-elect Mike Pence had the gall to cut Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) out of a selfie.

Politically, King is a keeper when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump. He also has his sights set on being secretary of Homeland Security.

When other lawmakers began abandoning Trump after the Access Hollywood sex talk tape emerged, King was steadfast in his support. He even thinks a ban on Muslims sounds “interesting” and calls Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon a “dedicated patriot.”

But maybe this photo crop means nothing. Getting cut from a selfie doesn’t have to be taken personally.

(Find King at the far right hand corner in the front row of the top photo. In the bottom picture, he has vanished.)