John Kerry Makes Pointed Digs At Donald Trump Without Even Mentioning His Name

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

John Kerry went after Donald Trump without even mentioning his name.

Hillary Clinton

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While appearing at a ceremony to celebrate the completion of a U.S. Diplomacy Center pavilion this week, which Hillary  Clinton also attended, the secretary of state made a pointed dig at the president-elect.

“There are many voices in the world who have essentially given up on diplomacy,” Kerry said during the ceremony, according to Politico. “They see and some openly encourage the breakdown of cooperation, the building of economic and political walls and the growth and mistrust and division along racial, ethnic, national and religious lines.”

“The story of American diplomacy reflects a far different and far more uplifting vision, one of optimism about the ability of people from vastly different backgrounds to work together productively and in peace.”

Hillary Clinton

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“We know that that can happen abroad,” he continued.

“Why? Because we’ve done it here at home. And no country has melded more people of different backgrounds and varied aspirations and hopes than we have in the United States of America. That’s the great thing that separates us from every other country in the world.” (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Makes Rare Appearance At State Department Museum Opening)

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