Hannity: Trump Presser Was A ‘Beatdown Of The Alt Left’ [VIDEO]

Sean Hannity hit back hard at mainstream media descriptions of President Trump’s Thursday press conference on Fox News later that night.


Hannity began his monologue by summarizing the state of the modern American press. “The abusively biased left-wing press is doing you, the American people, such a great disservice by not telling you the truth, by having an agenda, and, in turn, they have created what I called last night, ‘a massive informational crisis,’” he said.

To Hannity, Thursday’s combative press conference, widely criticized in left-leaning and mainstream news outlets, was a counter-blow to this “informational crisis.” “President Trump is now fighting back, and in a big way, by calling out the press directly, and also setting the record straight,” he explained.

After taking viewers through a blow-by-blow of Trump’s firework-filled encounter with reporters, Hannity told them, “All I can say is ‘wow.’ What we say today was a historic beatdown of the alt-left propaganda media, and they had it coming.”

“It’s very refreshing to see a commander in chief who will fight back against all the dishonesty, all the smears, set the record straight with you, the American people.”