McConnell: ‘Mike Pence Has Been The Indispensable Player’ [VIDEO]

Mitch McConnell answered a wildly subjective question from a reporter at his Friday press conference by praising Vice President Mike Pence.

Mitch McConnell (Getty Images)

Mitch McConnell (Getty Images)

When asked if the White House is “doing right by [Pence],” the Senate Majority Leader stated Pence “has been the indispensable player.”


“Mike Pence is a huge value added for us,” he continued. “We all know him. He has a very different kind of personality from the President, and he’s in the middle of everything, and it’s been great.”

“It doesn’t concern you that he was cut out in this way?” the reporter pressed forward in relation to the handling of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation.

“It obviously concerned the President,” McConnell flatly stated. “That’s why he announced he made a change.”

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