Space & Tech Are ‘Doomed’ Without More ‘Diversity,’ Says Major Social Media Company

U.S. technology and space companies are “doomed” unless they embrace more diversity, the black American founder of a 25-employee company told LinkedIn.

“Companies are ‘doomed if they don’t start changing’ and taking diversity seriously,” Caroline Fairchild, LinkedIn’s economy editor, wrote in the article “Silicon Valley wants to send rockets to the moon, but can’t even figure out diversity.”

Fairchild’s evidence? She interviewed Tristan Walker, who founded Walker & Company, a health and beauty company for “people of color.” Walker claimed hiring minority employees needed to be tech company’s “default state” lest they be outpaced by the rest of the world.

“There is no shortage of research that shows that diversity leads to better outcomes, so why aren’t people taking this more seriously? I don’t understand the logic,” Walker told Fairchild. “We are sending rockets to the moon in 18 months, why can’t we figure this out? And actually, we do ourselves a disservice by saying we need to ‘figure out’ diversity because, it just is. And if it isn’t there at your company, it will be, because America is changing very quickly.”

Fairchild claims Walker is a symbol ” for Black male founders” and a major industrial entrepreneur. Walker & Company primarily makes products for “people of color” and states in the interview than a majority of his employees are members of ethnic minority groups.

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