Gingrich: ‘Idea That Somehow Nunes Is’ More Partisan Than Schiff ‘Is Baloney’ [VIDEO]

Newt Gingrich criticized Democrats and the media for focusing the investigation on Russian tampering into the 2016 election around the “Trump team” and ignoring Hillary Clinton’s own “dealings with Russia.”

“I don’t quite know why [Devin Nunes] went down to the White House,” the former House Speaker stated. “He could’ve handled it better.”


“Let’s be very clear here,” the Georgia Republican clarified. “Adam Schiff, who is the Democrat ranking member, is totally partisan.”

“This idea that somehow Nunes is different is baloney,” he added. “It’s all being framed as anti-Republican.”

“Nobody is going back and suggesting we go back and look at what happened with the Clintons who had vastly greater dealings with Russia than anything that has been suggested about the Trump team.”

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