Judge Nap: ‘Move’ If You Don’t Like TX Law [VIDEO]

Judge Napolitano gave some simple advice to people who are angry with Texas Governor Abbott’s crackdown on sanctuary cities: move.

Kennedy of Fox News asked Judge Napolitano if federalism could be a potential solution to the sanctuary city debate, by “allowing different states to have a different [immigration] threshold.”

“Well that’s the beauty of Reagan’s statement when he said that you ought to be able to vote with your feet,” Judge Napolitano responded. “So if you don’t like the law in Texas, move to Oklahoma.”

He further explained that while federal law is supposed to be applied the same way in every state, state’s can choose how much they want to cooperate with federal officials.

“You can do [federalism] with the level of state cooperation with the feds,” Napolitano said. “Here in New York there’s zero¬†cooperation with the Feds, in Texas it’s gonna be closer to 99 percent.”


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