Princeton Awards High Schoolers Fighting Racism, Teaches Them About ‘Woke Democracy’

Princeton University recently awarded race relations prizes to 27 high schoolers fighting issues like implicit bias and Islamophobia, then hosted them for a two-day conference on race issues.

Princeton delivered the prizes, which reached up to $1,000, to the 27 students in late April, the school announced Monday.

Winners of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations took part in a symposium featuring activism workshops, presentations, and a speech by the NAACP president, Cornell William Brooks.

The workshops were named things like “Prize Winner Discussion Panel: Did You Really Say/Do That? How to Respond When Your Classmates Say/Do Racist Things,” “A Woke Democracy,” and “Sharpening Your Saw: Making Your Activism Count.”

Sarah Wiener, a high school senior who won the prize, founded Creatively Optimistic Leaders of Respect (COLOR), a series of art workshops focusing on racism and microaggressions. Another winner, Jeremy Cajigas, founded Fighter 4 Justice, which strives for “racial unity” through engaging students in discussions about white privilege, racism, and police brutality.

“Maria Cabrales, a senior at Hamilton High School, organized Diversity Night to help break down the racial barriers at her diverse, yet still self-segregated, high school,” Princeton says, describing yet another winner. “She is also president of the Dream Activist Leaders of Los Angeles and the founder of the Diversity Coalition Board, which hosts bi-weekly meetings that bring together the cabinets of clubs, such as the Black Student Union, the Latino Student Organization, the Asian Student Association and the Gay Straight Alliance.”

A Princeton alum founded the Princeton Prize in Race Relations in 2003. Princeton alumni and the university provide funding for the prizes, according to the school’s site.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the Princeton Prize in Race Relations for comment, but received none in time for press.

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