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Roombas, The Popular Small Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, Are On Sale For Prime Day

Are you checking our running list of the best Prime Day deals? If you are, you’ll notice two deals on vacuum cleaners – 30 percent off a cordless stick vacuum cleaner and 33 percent off a Roomba. Here is the latter:

Normally $375, this Roomba is 33 percent off for Prime Day (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $375, this Roomba is 33 percent off for Prime Day (Photo via Amazon)

iRobot Roomba 652 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner on sale for $249.99

There’s no question that in 2017, cordless stick vacuums and Roombas are the two options of vacuum cleaners you want to have. Neither of them take up much space, or require dancing around furniture to avoid getting the plug caught on anything. And Roombas are just so easy to use! All you have to do is press the word “CLEAN” and the little robots are smart enough to navigate around furniture to clean up what’s necessary.

Frequent Daily Dealer readers know that we have always been fans of the Roomba – they can truly get under those impossible-to-vacuum spaces. It’s great to see a discount of over $100 off, even that just lasts for one day.

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Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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