Jimmy Carter Hospitalized After Volunteering In Hot Sun

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

At 92, former President Carter is undeniably spry.

He survived a potentially deathly 2015 cancer diagnosis. He had metastic melanoma that had traveled to his brain and was treated with radiation and a new immunotherapy drug.

But Canada’s hot sun — and dehydration — sent him to the hospital Thursday.

He fell ill while participating in a Habitat for Humanity mission in Canada to build houses. He was with his wife, Rosalynn, in Winnipeg at the time. They were there for a week-long assignment.

According to CBC News, he’d been “using a handsaw to cut wood for a staircase.” Carter began his day with a prayer session at the site.

The Associated Press reported that firefighters and paramedics arrived to the site.

CBC reported that he’s “feeling fine” after receiving treatment.

Carter was the 39th President of the United States, serving just one term from 1977-1981.

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