Teacher And Her Masked Gunman Pal Filched Ritzy Watches From Two Dudes She Met At A Bar, Cops Say

Eric Owens | Editor

A taxpayer-funded school teacher in Maryland is facing robbery charges because, police say, she lured a couple Pakistani guys into a parking garage after she met them in a bar and then her masked accomplice brandished a gun and stole their swanky watches.

The teacher is 33-year-old Lakeisha Burrison, according to court documents obtained by The Washington Post.

The crime unfolded in the wee hours of July 15 at and near the Old Town Pour House in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The two crime victims, described in a police affidavit as males from Pakistan, entered the Old Town Pour House around midnight on July 14 (a Monday).

A woman already lounging inside the “brand new bar and restaurant featuring 90+ craft beers on tap” chatted up the men. She said her name was Keisha, according to the affidavit.

Over the course of the conversation, the affidavit says, Keisha “was very curious about the watches they were wearing and she asked many questions about their jobs.”

One of the men helpfully explained to Keisha that their fancy wristwatches were worth $6,000 and exactly $8,450, respectively.

The two men and Keisha eventually exchanged digits and said their goodbyes — but not before Keisha decided it would be a good idea to pose for a mobile phone photo with one of the men.

Outside the bar, around closing time, one of the men received a phone call from Keisha. She proposed that they all get together again to enjoy some cigarettes, the men said in the affidavit.

The men agreed. They picked her up in their vehicle outside the bar. Then, the affidavit states, Keisha suggested they go to a nearby parking garage.

Shortly after the trio entered the parking garage, the skinny, 5’6″ masked gunman showed up. He aimed his gun at the men and demanded the watches, according to the police affidavit obtained by the Post.

The men were still in the vehicle at this time. Keisha had bolted from the car and was kneeling down close by.

The men surrendered the watches, they say. The gunman took off running.

One of the men pursued him.

The other man told police that Keisha said to him: “Go away. It’s not safe for you.”

Then she, too, ran off.

Police say they were able to identify Burrison as Keisha because she had called one of the men on her cell phone.

Presumably, the photo with one of the men provided additional evidence.

Burrison admitted to detectives that she was with the men in the parking garage. She said someone was supposed to deliver marijuana. But then the robbery happened.

Police didn’t buy Burrison’s story. They arrested her. She was jailed with no opportunity for bond.

Officials at the Blair G. Ewing Center, where Burrison is a teacher, have suspended her.

The Rockville, Maryland school offers programs for high school and middle school students with bad grades and behavior problems.

In addition to her role at a teacher at the Blair G. Ewing Center, Burrison has also been serving as the school’s community and career liaison.

Burrison has no prior criminal history.

Police have not apprehended the gunman.

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