Mike Trout Gets 1,000th Career Hit On His 26th Birthday

Hannah Simmons | Reporter

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels just recorded his 1,000th career hit, an accomplishment that many players in the past have achieved.

Trout accomplished this feat on his 26th birthday. He hit 1,000 career hits in under 1,000 games. In fact, it only took him 879 games, according to sbnation.com. He could have achieved this before he turned 26 had he not been put on the disabled list for a few weeks this season.

Trout is arguably the best player in the MLB right now. He has almost 200 home runs, 50 steals, and close to 600 RBI’s at his young age and continues to increase those numbers, according to sbnation.com. Trout is a beast on the baseball field and there is absolutely no slowing him down. Unfortunately for him, playing on the West Coast means that at times he doesn’t get the attention he deserves.

This is the first big hits milestone in Trout’s career, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he got 3,000 hits before the age of 35.

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