What Does It Mean To Push O’s?

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

Being able to accomplish certain vape tricks require some practice and skill. This is certainly apparent with the trick known as “pushing O’s,” because you must be able to blow O-shaped rings in order to complete the trick. But along with blowing the O’s, the vaper has to actually push them in mid-air without disrupting the circular vapor shape.

The trickster in the video says that “bending” (that is, pushing O’s) is the foundation to most major vape tricks. He indicates that a strong throat cough is essential to being able to initiate this trick. In fact, blowing O’s using somewhat of a cough ensures that the O’s are pushed out at a good rate of speed. Then after the O is created, it is all about timing on “pushing” the O with your hand. You have to push it as soon as you blow the O. Now, “pushing it” does not mean you actually touch it. Your hand’s motion creates the necessary airflow behind the O that is needed to push it in any direction you choose. It takes practice on the timing consistency. But this is how you push O’s with your vapor production.

NOTE: The most common mistake is waiting a few seconds after you blow the O to push it. Don’t do that.

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