How To Pull Off Something Called An ‘Invisible Jellyfish’

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

In order to complete an “Invisible Jellyfish” trick you must be able to accomplish two things prior to attempting it.

  1. You must be able to blow O’s
  2. You must be able to push O’s

The trickster in the video below recommends that if you are unable to do these 2 things, completing an Invisible Jellyfish will be next to impossible. He adds, “practice, practice, practice.” Once you are able to blow and push O’s, it will be much more easier to do.

To do an Invisible Jellyfish, first you have to take a good draw off your vape. Then exhale some of the vapor out. By exhaling some excess vapor out, this will make the rest of the vapor less dense, as you blow an O. The O will be almost transparent and tough to see. So the key here is to make sure when you blow the first O it does not have a thick vapor production.

After achieving a good thin and transparent O, the second portion of the trick comes into play. You must allow a few seconds for the first O to expand, and as you are tracking it, is when you will simultaneously take another draw and “jelly” it. After you take that second draw, you will move up closely behind the first less dense O and exhale the new vapor into the O. The placement of the exhale here is key. You must exhale towards the top of the O, but in the center of it. The vapor will then wrap itself around the O and form a “Jellyfish,” as it is moving quickly away. The momentum of this second part will play a major role if you are able to complete this trick or not. When you blow vapor from your second draw, it creates vapor production resembling a jellyfish in mid air and then drifts swiftly away, which is caused by blowing more vapor at it.

WATCH The Invisible Jellyfish:

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