‘South Park’ Targets President Trump And Kim Jong Un In Latest Episode


“South Park” takes on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Mr. Garrison (acting as President Donald Trump) the second episode of season 21, “Put it Down.”

This episode follows Tweek as Kim Jung Un targets South Park with his nuclear missiles, and President Garrison tweets off the cuff.

Tweek sends a batch of cupcakes to Pyongyang to try to ease the tension, hoping they’ll persuade Kim not to launch nukes. The president tweets that the cupcakes are a prank.

Garrison tweets — like “Go ahead and bomb us Kim Jong Dong. We dare you” — start problems in the South Park when drivers trying to read every new tweet start running over pedestrians. So many people get killed, the school starts a distracted drivers awareness week.

As social media mayhem escalates between the president and North Korea, Cartman feels like he’s not getting enough attention, so he threatens to kill himself. He writes a song about how his suicidal thoughts should trump distracted driving deaths. It’s only the second episode of the season and we’ve already reached peak Cartman narcissism.

The episode wraps up with the song, “Put it Down,” which urges the president to stop tweeting so people stop running other people over.

The attacks against Trump aren’t really in line with the show’s creators saying they wanted to avoid being like CNN. Hard to believe they were serious about keeping that pledge after what we’ve seen in the first two episodes of season 21.

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out if the anti-Trump message continues, but hopefully the writers can follow up this episode by making fun of the hysteria as a whole instead of mostly targeting the sitting president.

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