Antifa Site: Actions Like Las Vegas Shooting ‘Will Only Escalate’ Due To ‘White Supremacy’

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

It’s Going Down, a website that reports news on anarchism and antifascism, recently reposted comments on their Instagram account blaming “white supremacy” and “patriarchy” for the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas.

The post reads, “Real talk all this he was a terrorist we need to call it terrorism talk is missing the point. Terrorism isn’t our word, terrorism is the state’s word and always has been. It is a word that the state used to smear political movements and to justify any measure taken to crush them. It’s a word they use to justify killing thousands of people via remote control war games from the sky. It’s the way they justify criminalizing whole religions and areas.”

“Even Charlottesville wasn’t terrorism, it was something much older and much more American. It was white supremacy as well as violent misogyny,” the post argues.

It continues, “[l]et’s stop using their words and arguing about who is a terrorist and let’s start figuring out ways to take down the systems that create these massacres, as long as white supremacy, patriarchy capitalism, and the state control our lives these heinous atrocities will only escalate.”

Many mainstream media outlets have also blamed white men or “white supremacy” for actions of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock. (RELATED: Media, Journos Unite Against ‘White Men’ In Wake of Las Vegas Shooting)

The shooting, carried out Sunday, is the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. There is still no known motive. The Islamic State claimed repeatedly claimed responsibility, but has provided no proof.

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