Hazmat Team Evacuates School Over Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

A Baltimore school was evacuated Thursday by a hazardous materials crew after complaints of a strange odor that turned out to be a pumpkin spice air freshener.

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School was evacuated at 2:30 p.m. Thursday due to a weird smell, reported WBALTV11.

However, fire officials confirmed later that the odor was from pumpkin spice air freshener after running tests that did not detect hazardous materials.

“The primary readings we took within the school, we came up with negative readings. We took a secondary reading, which was also negative throughout the school,” said Roman Clark, a Baltimore fire chief, told reporters.

“This plug-in air freshener that basically puts out the odor every so many seconds, and it’s a pumpkin spice, and that’s exactly what, if you go in there, you can smell, so it has been identified. It is not hazardous at all,” added Clark.

Two students and three adults were taken to hospitals with unknown injuries, USA Today stated it was due to a precaution. One adult confirmed it was not related to the pumpkin spice odor incident.

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