Mika Brzezinski Says Trump Has A ‘Strange Sexual’ Thing For Her

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

The procession of profiles on MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski isn’t slowing down anytime soon. But on a positive note, she is finding it easier to talk about her relationship with fiancée Joe Scarborough.

In a new piece out in Marie Claire, Mika finds just the right words to use to make President Trump sound like a creep and someone who she thinks is trying to land her sexually.

The mag wanted to know how Mika was so unfazed by the whole ordeal of being on the receiving end of Trump’s nasty tweets about her so-called bloody chin back in June. ​Surprisingly they didn’t want to know how she thinks her ex-husband felt watching her fall in love with her co-host over the span of a decade.

In the story’s deck they call her a “target.”

“Are you kidding me? Bleeding from a facelift… What? It’s deranged,” Mika said. “I will tell you, the month after it happened I got mobbed in the streets by people saying ‘I am so sorry.’ Everyone’s coming up to me, they’re hugging me, and I say, ‘Yes, he was a great man, my father,’ and they’re like, ‘No! The President’s tweets!’ I really don’t care if he wants to say that I look…whatever. I’m worried that he’s doing it! … It’s some strange sexual thing.”

Trump saying Mika is bleeding from her chin is sexual?

If true, that’s a new low in sex — even for Trump, who has said he can grab women “by the pussy” if he feels like it.

Mika’s relationship with Joe obviously comes up in the piece. But now it’s more of an afterthought and no questions are asked about how they began, the alleged extramarital affair, etc…

Nope — Marie Claire plays it safe. They want to know if her “working dynamic” has shifted since confirming the “long-simmering rumors” about their “off-screen” relationship. Please.

But fine, here’s what she says.

“I urge all your readers not to try this at home!” Mika exclaims. “Having said that, we really like being together. It is the joy of my life. …I feel really lucky to live and work with someone I love so much. It’s not like anybody on the set talks about it. We all really like each other and we all consider ourselves part of a family and it is the most congenial, fun, accepting environment. And the whole thing has been organic and certainly does not feel difficult in any way.”

Seriously, it’s not like anyone on the set talks about it?


That’s how all those rumors got started — because absolutely no one was talking about it.

And is sneaking around organic?

I guess technically it could be.

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