These Ghostly Images Of The Russian Revolution Then And Now Are Haunting

Tuesday marks the 100-year anniversary of when Vladimir Lenin and his followers seized control of Russia, launching a brutal experiment that would ultimately fail miserably.

Nov. 7 is the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution, the second of two revolutions in the 1917 Russian Revolution that overthrew the provisional government in Russia, triggering a bloody civil war and clearing the way for the rise of the Soviet Union.

Lenin and his band of leftist revolutionaries promised to build a communist utopia that would empower the proletariat against the wealthy bourgeoisie. He promised a bright future that was eerily bleak and littered with corpses of millions.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty compiled images of locations in Russia from 1917 and today to give readers a sense of history on the 100th anniversary of the revolution that changed Russia forever.


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