Here Are The Odds For What Teams Will Make The College Football Playoff

David Hookstead | Reporter

Odds have been released for which college football teams will make the playoff.

OddsShark released the following odds Wednesday:

Alabama (Yes) -1000 (No) +600

Georgia (Yes) -150 (No) +120

Clemson (Yes) +145 (No) -175

ND (Yes) +175 (No) -220

WIS (Yes) +175 (No) -220

OKLA (Yes) +200 (No) -260

Miami (Yes) +260 (No) -350

TCU (Yes) +400 (No) -600

WASH (Yes) +500 (No) -800

There’s no major surprises here. The only two teams favored to make it are Alabama and Georgia, which a handful of schools nipping at their heels.

However, what’s very interesting here is the fact Alabama is at -1,000 and Georgia is only at -150. That should tell you that the oddsmakers see almost no situation where Alabama is losing before the playoff. On the other hand, oddsmakers don’t expect Georgia to lose, but clearly see opportunities for it to happen.

Should be fun to watch how it all plays out.

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