Get Hyped! Taylor Swift Is Releasing Explosive Album In Less Than 24 Hours

David Hookstead | Reporter

Ladies and gentleman, we are less than 24 hours away from Taylor Swift dropping her highly-anticipated album “Reputation.”

Things I get super excited for are few and and far between. They mostly revolve around sports, beer, new gun purchases and the 0.00001 percent chance I’m going home with the random woman I met at the bar. I get amped for all of those things, and now you can tack Taylor Swift’s new album on the list.

There is nothing more entertaining than somebody coming in to torch an entire industry. We won’t know what the album is all about until it’s released November 10, but a betting man would probably lean towards the belief this is going to be a revenge tour. She’s coming for skulls, and I’m front row for it.

The entertainment industry is pretty much a joke. Everybody pretends to love everybody, plenty of people are absolutely talentless and nobody is willing to just embrace the chaos necessary to destroy people. Swift certainly doesn’t go along with any of those. She went from being an adorable country music star to being the most famous female singer on the planet. That path isn’t walked with ease.


America’s sweetheart went out of her way to ruin the release of Katy Perry’s latest album by dropping all of her songs the same day on Spotify. She’s also releasing “Reputation” on the anniversary of Kanye West’s mom dying. He probably regrets that whole stage interruption incident now.

You’d have to be blind at this point to not think this won’t be a bloodbath. Her enemies are going to be running for the hills once this album hits the internet.

Luckily, I’m riding safely in first class of the pro-Swift train. Let the metaphorical music massacre begin.

P.S.: Taylor Swift still has yet to deny the multiple reports that I inspired her song “Gorgeous.”

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