Thailand Citizens Are Being Arrested For Vaping

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

It is not easy to be a vaper in Thailand!

Two unrelated incidents last month in Thailand led to residents being arrested and taken off to jail for vaping related “offenses.”

One of those arrests revolves around a well known Internet idol in Thailand. Her name is Manussaya Yaowarat, aka Flukesri Maneedeng. The Bangkok Post reported that she was arrested for possession of an e-cigarette and vaping liquid. They shared a picture of her being dragged up a stairwell towards a jail cell. Also stated in the Post was that police have denied the allegation that they physically assaulted her.

The second incident ended with Bangkok police arresting a couple for selling e-cigarettes and e-juice via Facebook. Close to 3 million baht (almost $100,000) worth of merchandise was taken into evidence after a sting operation. A picture taken by Thai News Agency shows Bangkok police standing with confiscated boxes among boxes of vape e-juice and other vaping products. It appears as though they are bragging about what they have done, or at least think they are doing good by taking vape products off the street.

The couple who was arrested could face 5 years in prison and up to 10 years if it is proven that they imported the vaping products themselves.

While vaping is banned in Thailand (due to propaganda in that country that claims vaping causes cancer), smoking is not.

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