The Hidden Gems Of The Restaurant Scene You Might Not Have Heard Of [VIDEO]

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

Foodies might want to try out these hidden gems of the restaurant scene.

Here is a list of restaurants around the world you might not believe are actually real:

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

For those that truly want to indulge, Heart Attack Grill is perfect. The customers are “patients” and the waitresses are the “nurses.” Customers can weigh themselves on cattle scales before entering. If you weigh more than 350 pounds, you get a free meal, according to its website. For junk food fans you can eat the “Single Bypass Burger” or “Octople Bypass Burger.” However, eating these meals truly take dedication and if you are unable to finish your meal, the fake nurse will spank you.

When your lunch is bigger than your head you know it’s going to be a good meal. Our Octuple Bypass Burger is meant to ensure you meet your daily recommended calories. Don’t waste your time meal prepping. We will do that for you. #heartattackgrill

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We love when our big boys weigh in and prove to the world that the Heart Attack Grill diet works. It is the more effective diet around, the results are guaranteed. This patient came in ready for his free bypass, however because he has been slacking on consuming his recommended daily calories his treatment was not free. We applaud his efforts and know that after he finished his meal he was back on course with his diet. We cannot wait for his next visit to perform his free bypass surgery. #heartattackgrill

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We know that you guys get a little jealous that the patients aren’t allowed to soak each other here at the Heart Attack Grill. Only the spanking certified nurses, doctors and surgeons are allowed to spank on the heart attack floor. Because we know you guys want to do this so badly we do have two other options for you, take a photo of one of you pictured as a nurse administering pain management therapy or buy a paddle and do some spanking at home. See we give you options, we care. #heartattackgrill

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Couples goals right here. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to get your daily Doctor recommend calorie intake. We often see one spouse following the Heart Attack Grill Diet, but the other one is seriously lacking. Seeing these two come in to meet their caloric goals together made us incredibly happy here at the Heart Attack Grill. #heartattackgrill #couplegoals

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Trailer Park Lounge, New York City

This restaurant in New York City is trailer park themed. Customers can drink margaritas such as “Jim Bob’s I.Q” at the restaurant’s “Tacky Tiki Bar.”

Opaque: Dining in the Dark, Santa Monica, Calif.

For brave foodies, you can get your meal served to you completely in the dark at Opaque Restaurant. Customers are unable to see their food, instead just use all their other senses to try out the mysterious dishes.


The Shed at Dulwich, London

Last but definitely not least, a British journalist named Oobah Butler created the ultimate prank in the food industry by making a fake restaurant in his backyard shed in London calling it the “The Shed at Dulwich.” He even got his restaurant ranked number one on Trip Advisor and ended up serving the customers frozen dinners, according to VICE.


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