Newest Climate Change Danger: GIANT SPIDERS

World | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot from Eight Legged Freaks/MOVIECLIPS Classic Trailers

We have nothing to fear except large, fanged, eight-legged creepy-crawly things

Former Navy SEAL: Over 90 Percent Of Troops Do Not Support Obama

US | Al Weaver

Inconvenient truth?

Veterans Charity Accused Of Scamming Donors, Keeping Cash

US | Rusty Weiss

'He is a thief and a liar'

In Defense Of Christians Slams Weekly Standard Editor's 'Bigotry' Defending Ted Cruz

Opinion | J. Arthur Bloom
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.28.51 PM

He accused the crowd of showing its 'ISIS face'


Photo of Janine Turner

Constitution Day: Where Is The Duty To The Document?

If our representatives have forgotten it, it's because we've failed to hold them accountable.
Photo of Lanny Davis

Is Obama Too Much Of A Hawk For Democrats?

Former Special Counsel to President Clinton
A strong majority of Democrats support airstrikes to stop ISIS.
Photo of Newt Gingrich

CFPB Is No 'Start-Up' Agency, It's The Same Old Bureaucracy And Should Be Repealed

Former Speaker of the House
Who authorized the $215 million renovation giving its headquarters a 'two-story waterfall'?
Photo of Eliana Rudee

To Post Or Not To Post? That Is The Counter-Terrorism Question

Contributor, Franklin Center
Whether it's JLaw's nudes or James Foley's beheading, sensational images can have a harmful effect.
Photo of Charles Sauer

Broadcasters Choose Cronyism Over Innovation

President, Market Institute
'Local Choice' doesn't even have legs, let alone real cable reform.

LeBron James Got His Hairline Back

Sports | Kaitlan Collins
(Photo: Getty Images)

He is back in Cleveland and so is his hair

Sen. Udall Mocked By CNN Panelists For Being 'Hilariously Wrong'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell

Efforts to distance himself from Obama called 'poppycock'

Vikings: Adrian Peterson Can Play. Oh, Wait -- No, He Can't

Sports | Seth Richardson
Photo Credit: Getty Images

In other words, 'Our sponsors are bailing'

Chinese Hackers Infiltrated Pentagon Contractors At Least 20 Times Since 2012

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

'These peacetime intrusions into the networks of key defense contractors are more evidence of China's aggressive actions in cyberspace'

Report: Do-Nothing Obamacare Contractor Processed Less Than 5 Percent Of Applications

US | Sarah Hurtubise

$1.2 billion contract

Adam Jones Pies Fans In The Face After Orioles Division Win

Sports | Jane Bartlett Pappas

Sweet, sweet victory

Gowdy: First Benghazi Hearing Was 'Serious,' 'Fact-Specific'

Politics | Alex Pappas
An armed man waves his rifle as buildings and cars are engulfed in flames after being set on fire inside the US consulate compound in Benghazi late on September 11, 2012. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Cummings: 'I was pleased'

Obama's Fmr Defense Secretary Drops A Bomb On Plan To Bomb ISIS

Politics | Christian Datoc
Robert Gates And Barack Obama

Now, America will be forced to follow ISIS to 'the gates of hell'

College Republicans Launch Massive Ground Game

Politics | Ben Smith
The Homepage of the new CRNC website, video

'The website helps promote the message of this new operation'

Princeton Professor Caught On Tape Slamming Obama For Failing Black Americans

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images, YouTube screenshot/CampusReform

'African Americans have bore the brunt of the economic crisis in the United States'

Reggie Bush Tries To 'Obviously Not Leave Bruises' When Disciplining One-Year-Old

Sports | Seth Richardson
Photo Credit: Getty Images

This is getting out of hand

On Constitution Day, Americans Know Little About Government

US | Ben Smith
supreme court

Only 36% of the respondents could name all three branches of government

Deranged Woman Thinks Shia LaBeouf Is Albert Einstein

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
(Photo: Getty Images)

Threatens to blow up 'Einstein's' house

Classic Jaguar Stolen Nearly 50 Years Ago To Be Reunited With Owner

US | Tristyn Bloom

'This is just a miracle, a miracle. I was 36 years old then and now I'm 82'

Korean Mayor Pelted With Eggs For Moving Baseball Team

Sports | Seth Richardson

Call him Eggs Benedict Arnold

Prehistoric Tsunami May Have Sunk 'Atlantis'

World | Alex Olson
Strong Winds And Heavy Rain Hit  England and Wales

'During its heyday, the area would have been one of Europe's best regions for hunting and fishing.'

Democrats ATTACK Rush On Way To November Loss

Politics | Patrick Howley
Rush Limbaugh

Here we go again

EPA, White House Won't Say If CO2 Is Harmful To Human Health

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

'That's a red herring'

NEW EVIDENCE: VA Inspector General Made False Report On Deaths

Politics | Patrick Howley
Griffin, the Acting Inspector General of the Department of Veterans Affairs, testifies on "The State of VA Health Care" at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs  on Capitol Hill in Washington

See the information provided to Hill staff

Bankrupt For-Profit School Hit With $500M Lawsuit

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray pauses while testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington

'School employees created fictitious employers and reported students as having been placed with those fake employers'

Could Jennifer Lopez's Snakeskin Dress Get Any Shorter?

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Not a chance

GAO: Dodd-Frank Agency Flopping

Business | Peter Fricke
Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) (photocredit: Gettyimages)

After four years, it can't identify emerging threats on its own

Dems Don't Believe In Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Getty Images)

'For her, the big 'D' is always for Debbie'

House Votes Overwhelmingly To Audit The Fed

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Janet Yellen smiles after taking the oath of office as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System February 3, 2014 at the Eccles Building in Washington, DC. (Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

'[The Fed] has acted under a veil of secrecy'

Sen. Boxer SHOCKED Kerry Withstood Angry Criticism In ISIS Hearing

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

'I'm actually shaking and trembling'

LA School Police Give Up Grenade Launchers

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
A riot police officer aims his weapon while demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri

But they'll keep their armored vehicle, thank you very much

Ebola Expert: Illegal Immigrant Children Could Spread Ebola, TB

US | Al Weaver

'It only takes one infected child'

Doc Admits He Put Patients Through Unnecessary Chemo In Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Scheme

US | Tristyn Bloom

Assistant Attorney General: 'The mere thought of what he did is chilling'

Gowdy Pushes Back On Critics At Outset Of Benghazi Hearing

Politics | Alex Pappas

Cummings decries 'unseemly partisanship'

Kim Kardashian's Rear Showed Up Sheer [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins


Jim Jordan Rails Against State Department In Benghazi Hearing

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

'talk about the arrogance of the State Department'

House Subpoenas Top WH Tech Official Over Security

US | Sarah Hurtubise
Try to sign up for Obamacare. Or not, whatever. It was easier to get iOS7 than it is to sign up for Obamacare today. (Screenshot: Jake Harris.)

Todd Park refused to testify to Congress five times

Poll: Republican Springs Ahead Of Hickenlooper By Double Digits In Colorado Gov. Race

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell
Bob Beauprez, Republican candidate for Colorado governor arrives for a debate with his opponent Democrat Bill Ritter in Denver

'He's got a mad dash to make up a double-digit deficit'

Iranian President Mocks Obama

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

'When we say the red line we mean the red line'

Anaheim Ducks Hockey Players, Coach Surprise Season Ticket Holders

Sports | Jane Bartlett Pappas

Every sports fans dream

Man Tries To Pawn Off Severed Head

US | Ben Smith
Trash overflows from a container in the parking lot of the Anna B. Pratt Elementary School, in North Philadelphia, shut down after the 2012-2013 school year.

Gets busted...

Threesome Turns Into Grilling, Grilling Into Bathroom Brawl

US | Kaitlan Collins
(Photo: Flickr)

A life lesson is in here somewhere

GOP Lawmaker Presses TV Stations To Pull Attack Ad Off The Airwaves

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell
Mike Coffman

Commercial questions funding sources

Hackers Steal Usernames And Passwords Of 5,000 Government Recruiters From NSA And Other Services

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Professor of political science at Boston University, Neta Crawford poses for a portrait with anthropologist Catherine Lutz after discussing a new study that re-calculates the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in New York

Hackers could pose as agency recruiters to access sensitive information

Pelosi: The More Violent Iraq Gets, The More Reason NOT To Send Troops

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

'Well what would be the purpose?'

Identity Of Doctor Who Operated On Joan Rivers Revealed

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Joan Rivers & Melissa Rivers On Location For "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best"

Doctor reportedly took selfies in operating room

Biker Captures Crazy Robbery At Gunpoint, Escape On GoPro

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

'I don't know what you're saying man!'

Lawmakers Set To Grill Tavenner On Obamacare Exchange Flops

US | Sarah Hurtubise
Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for  Medicare & Medicaid Services, testifies before a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on "Affordable Care Act Implementation on Capitol Hill in Washington

Little progress has been made in a year

'Illegal': RNC Chairman Slams Obama's Post-Election Amnesty Plan

Politics | Neil Munro
Reince Priebus Addresses RNC Annual Winter Meeting

'We ought to be unified against his illegal action'

NYPD Crack Down on Sesame Street

Entertainment | Melissa Brown
A person dressed as the Sesame Street character Elmo walks through Times Square in New York

Childhood ruined.

'The View' Hosts Whine About Getting Up Early For Their 11 A.M. Show

Entertainment | Heather Smith

'I was so tired, man. Getting up early is not my thing'

Obama Admin 'Bullied And Hectored' Sotloff Family As They Tried To Save Steven, Says Family Spokesman

Video | Al Weaver

'They shot us down at every opportunity'