CLAIM: Harvard Prof Who Raised Millions For Stricter Campaign Finance Laws BROKE EXISTING LAWS

Politics | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/MAYDAY. US

Bizarro anti-super PAC super PAC continues to be hilarious

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ferguson*

US | Eric Owens

*But were afraid to ask

Rand Paul Wants A Formal Declaration Of War Against ISIS

Politics | Alex Pappas
Rand Paul

Congress has not declared war since World War II

Jennifer Lopez Brings Up The Back With Her 'Booty' Performance At AMAs

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Things got a little filthy for live television

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Photo of Kenneth Timmerman

House Intelligence Committee Report Obfuscates Benghazi Arms Smuggling

President, Foundation for Democracy in Iran
Some congressmen on the committee weren't even cleared to be briefed.
Photo of Larry Kudlow

What About The Brainiacs?

Senior Contributor, CNBC
Obama’s failure to address the high-skilled visa problem is a huge mistake.
Photo of Joy Brighton

U.S. Prisons Churning Out Thousands Of Radicalized Inmates

Author, Sharia-ism is Here
A disturbing pattern of hiring extremists as prison chaplains
Photo of Alveda King and Niger Innis

Could Black America’s Long National Nightmare Be Over?

Civil Rights Activist; National Spokesman, CORE
The black community is fed up with Dems taking them for granted, and is starting to break rank.
Photo of Karen Vaughn

Why Clint Lorance Deserves Clemency

Senior Military Families Advisor, Concerned Veterans for America
His trial was irregular, and the rules of engagement are rigged against the troops
Photo of Marc Sterne

Another Round With Michael Phelps

Producer, "The Tony Kornheiser Show"
Some schadenfreude from the man who he threw out of a limo
Photo of Abdo Roumani

The Thin Line Between Us And The Enemy

Freelance Writer
'Blind outrage often encourages us to be both immoral and foolish.'
Photo of Chidike Okeem

The Conservative Myth Of Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunity is right-wing utopianism.
Photo of Mytheos Holt

What #Gamergate’s Critics Get Right, And Why It Doesn’t Matter: Sex, Race And Rock n’ Roll

Associate Fellow, R Street Institute
Yes, they really are treated badly by the media.
Photo of Ted Saunders

The Feds Finally Act To Investigate Operation Choke Point

Chairman and CEO, Community Choice Financial
It was an attempt to destroy entire industries the administration didn't like.

Brit Hume: 'Not Credible' For Obama Admin To Claim Hagel Wasn't Fired

Politics | Alex Griswold

'There was clearly some tension between the Pentagon and the White House'

Sorry Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston Says Her Bare Butt Picture Was The Original

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Jennifer Aniston

1996 was a good year for bums

Meet The Freshman Congressman Who Defeated Eric Cantor

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

He hopes the Republican leadership doesn’t 'abandon the power of the purse'

Brown Family Attorney: 'Officers Aren't Charged When They Kill Young People Of Color'

US | Alex Griswold

'I worry about the due process for the little black boy dead on the ground.'

SNL's Obama Pushes Schoolhouse Rock 'Bill' Down Steps Of Congress

Politics | Al Weaver

"Whoa! Okay, go big or go home!"

Lindsey Graham: House Intelligence Committee Is 'Doing A Lousy Job' On Benghazi

Politics | Alex Griswold

'The House Intelligence Committee is doing a lousy job...'

Sports Fandom Hits A New Low

Opinion | John Steigerwald
Bengals Fan

'She's a fan. She's the enemy. You are not there to make friends with her'

Here's What Chris Matthews Says Will Get Conservatives To Support Mass Immigration

US | Chuck Ross

Wouldn't hurt

Pro-Gun Control Missouri State Senator And Ferguson Protester Says She Was Robbed At Gunpoint

US | Chuck Ross
Protesters march with their hands up as they call for a thorough investigation of the shooting death of teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on a street in front of the White House in Washington

'Someone just put a gun to my head'

Jennifer Lopez Stuns In Flesh-Colored Bondage Dress At AMAs

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Jennifer Lopez

This 'American Idol' judge knows that less really is more

Iran Nuke Deal Deadline Looms, Skepticism Reigns In DC

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif and EU envoy Ashton arrive for a meeting in Vienna

'Iran is likely to engage in ambiguous cheating'

Texas Gov: Obama Doesn't Bother With The Constitution

Politics | Alex Griswold

'This president... has abdicated his responsibility to uphold and enforce the Constitution.'

Teacher Certification A Mess, Says Report

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
full facing school bus Getty Images

Choose any of 600 different tests!

MUST WATCH! Tucker Carlson Takes On Geraldo Rivera Over Obama's Amnesty

Politics | Alex Griswold

Geraldo: 'I hate to raise a flag that says racial preference or anything like that ...'

RIOT PREP? Officials Hunker Down Ahead of Ferguson Grand Jury Decision [PHOTOS]

US | Eric Owens

All signs on the ground point to looming announcement

Cruz: Obama's In The Business Of 'Counterfeiting Immigration Papers'

Politics | Alex Griswold

'There's no legal authority to do what he's doing.'

Guess Who's Reviewing The Federal Reserve

Business | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Getty Images)

'There is a revolving door from the Wall Street to the Treasury to the Fed and back again'

Sports Radio Hosts Find Out They've Been Fired While Live On The Air

Sports | Al Weaver

'We found out on the freakin' air! What kind of operation is this?!'

Ivy League Students Hold Funeral For Michael Brown And All Non-White People Killed By Racism

Education | Emma Colton
A pamphlet for the " Ferguson October" demonstrations is seen on the a makeshift memorial for Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

Apparently capitalism is at blame too

Navy Aircraft Carrier Delays Launch Again, Asks For A Billion Dollars More

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Sen. John McCain speaks during a hearing about border security in Washington

John McCain is really upset

62-Year-Old Man Unties Himself And His Wife During Home Invasion, Shoots Attacker Dead

Guns and Gear | Chuck Ross
A display of 7-round .45 caliber handguns are seen at Coliseum Gun Traders Ltd. in Uniondale, New York

Man wards off three attackers

Jimmy Kimmel Turns Kim Kardashian's Backside Into A Snowblower [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

This can't be unseen

This Senator Says He's Taking The Budget Committee, Not Jeff Sessions

Politics | Alex Pappas
Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi. Somodevilla/Getty.

Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi is making a play for the chairmanship

Black Panthers Indicted On Federal Gun Charges, Pipe Bomb Plot In Ferguson Area

US | Chuck Ross

Grand jury decision is imminent

IRS Finds 30,000 Lois Lerner Emails

Politics | Patrick Howley
U.S. Director of Exempt Organizations for the IRS Lerner is sworn in to testify before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in Washington

Right after the election, no less

Unlike You, Alex Ovechkin Can Pull Off The Creeper 'Stache

Sports | Christian Datoc

Ovie goes all out for Movember

Reporters Mock State Department Spokesman For Benghazi Spin

US | Alex Griswold

You almost feel bad for the guy. Almost

Democratic Senators Come Out Against Obama's Immigration Order

Politics | Alex Pappas
Senator Manchin participates in the Washington Ideas Forum at the Newseum in Washington

'I disagree with the President'

Hillary Clinton At Gala: People Affected By Obama Amnesty 'Served Us Tonight'

Politics | Chuck Ross
Hillary Clinton Speaks At The University Of Miami

'I think the president took an historic step and I support it'

SHOCKER: White House Aide To MSNBC

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

She'll be the lead spokeswoman

Newtown Report: Mother, School 'Appeased' Lanza

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

State failed to ensure treatment of shooter's many mental illnesses

Ferguson Schools Closing Before Wilson Indictment

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Officials seek to keep students safe from possible riots

'#HYPOCRISY': New GOP Ad Uses Executive Amnesty To Attack Hillary Clinton

Politics | Alex Griswold

'Stop the Obama-Clinton Immigration Overreach'

Navy Tries To Reduce Suicides With A 'Give Us Your Gun' Policy

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus leaves the USS Freedom at Changi Naval Base in Singapore

'Reducing access to lethal means has been proven to save lives'

Krauthammer: James Madison 'Is Turning Over In His Grave' Following Obama's Executive Amnesty

Politics | Al Weaver

Conservative columnist says Obama has 'exceeded...the powers of the presidency'

Pretty Obvious A Casual Drug Deal Happened On Live TV

Entertainment | Matthew Bedford

Stay classy, Worcester

Hasselbeck To Josh Earnest: Isn't This 'Slap Across The Face' To Legal Immigrants?

Politics | Alex Griswold

'I think those people are proud to be Americans'

Obama Admin Wants To Pick Your Obamacare Plan For You

US | Sarah Hurtubise
U.S. President Obama smiles during news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington

New HHS rule released Friday evening, of course

Obamacare Architect Called To Testify On Transparency Failures

Politics | Chuck Ross

'Arrogance and deceptions'

Bill To Turn Off NSA's Water At Massive Utah Data Facility Moves Forward

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
NSA data gathering facility in Bluffdale, south of Salt Lake City, Utah

State government moves to cut off $2 billion facility

Obama Needs 'Very Aggressive Sales Job' To Sell Unpopular Amnesty

Politics | Neil Munro
U.S. President Obama announces executive actions on immigration during nationally televised address from the White House in Washington

'We'll travel all over the country to do this'

Official Suggests Flub To Blame For False Obamacare Numbers

US | Sarah Hurtubise
Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for  Medicare & Medicaid Services, testifies before a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on "Affordable Care Act Implementation on Capitol Hill in Washington

Claiming juiced numbers were just a mistake

Ben Carson: Obama 'Very Much Like Putin' With Executive Amnesty

Politics | Al Weaver

'You work for the people, they don't work for you'

Alessandra Ambrosio Flaunts Cleavage In Low-Cut Mini [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Alessandra Ambrosio cleavage

This Victoria's Secret model knows how to capture attention

Episcopalian Bishop Calls Obama 'A Sodomite'

US | Tristyn Bloom
Bishop Leo Frade speaking at the Episcopalian Diocesan Convention in 2014.

'He has been the president that has deported more people than even Bush did!'

Jay Carney: Obama Taking 'A Big Risk' With Executive Amnesty

Politics | Al Weaver

'He has no question created a major conflict with this Congress'

Obama: Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals' Benefits

Politics | Neil Munro

It's on your tab, America

EPA Sides With Biofuel Industry By Delaying Key Ethanol Mandate Decision

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

'Congress needs to step in and repeal or significantly reform this badly broken program'

NSA Chief: US Will Suffer A Catastrophic Cyberattack In The Next 10 Years

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
National Security Agency (NSA) Director Michael Rogers testifies before a House (Select) Intelligence Committee hearing

Chinese, Russian hackers have infiltrated critical infrastructure, could shut down US power grid

Here's How Potential 2016 Republicans Responded To Last Night's Amnesty

Politics | Alex Pappas

Some disagree over procedure, others on substance

Unions Applaud Executive Action On Immigration

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
U.S. President Barack Obama attends the 2nd ASEAN-USA Summit in Naypyitaw

'We applaud the Administration's willingness to act'

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Was So Excited About Executive Amnesty, He Lost Sleep Last Night

Politics | Al Weaver

'I had a hard time really getting to sleep last night'

Kim Kardashian's Rump Used For SAT Prep

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

That's one way to study

GOP Congressman: Executive Amnesty 'A Threat To Democracy Itself'

Politics | Alex Griswold

'We have tools under the Constitution to stop what the president is trying to do'

In Obama's America, Adrian Peterson Just Can't Win

Opinion | Christian Datoc
Carolina Panthers v Minnesota Vikings

'He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone'

Huckabee Begs 2016 Democrats: 'Please Give Us Elizabeth Warren!'

Politics | Alex Griswold

'It would be a disaster for the Democratic Party on the George McGovern scale.'