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Founded in 2010 by Tucker Carlson, a 20-year veteran journalist, and Neil Patel, former chief policy advisor to Vice President Cheney, The Daily Caller is one of America’s largest and fastest-growing news publications. Our team of experienced, full-time reporters and editors works around the clock to deliver award-winning original reporting, in-depth investigations, entertainment, thought-provoking commentary and up-to-the-second breaking news.

From exposing shocking mismanagement of Republican National Committee funds to exclusively revealing the FBI’s interview with Hillary Clinton, The Daily Caller’s reporting has been thorough and tough on members of both political parties. In 2016, The Daily Caller emerged as a news leader in covering the U.S. presidential election, providing around-the-clock, on-the-ground coverage of the primary process, the debates, and the general election. The Daily Caller was also included as a full-time member of the traveling press pool for the Democratic nominee.

The Daily Caller’s reporters are credentialed members of the U.S. Senate and House press galleries. We also provide comprehensive coverage of the executive branch, with a dedicated White House correspondent and membership in the White House Correspondents’ Association. Additionally, The Daily Caller is a member of the White House in-town press pool, responsible for dispatching reports to the global press at White House events on a monthly basis.

The Daily Caller’s reporting is distributed worldwide to over 20 million unique readers each month through our highly-visited homepage, wildly popular newsletters and apps, countless citations from the world’s other top news sites, and our vast social media following. In addition to being a Facebook managed partner, our reporting is distributed through official partnerships with Yahoo and MSN.

The Daily Caller is a for-profit, independent news outlet. We generate revenue for our mission through advertising. Decisions about what to investigate, as well as our conclusions, are guided only by our journalists.

While our job is to ascertain the truth, we will occasionally make mistakes. When we do, we commit to hastily correcting our errors so that our readers can get the real story. If you spot an error, please alert us via our tip line. The prominence of our correction will be commensurate with the gravity of the error. Typos will be corrected without fanfare, minor corrections will be noted at the bottom of the article and major factual corrections will be noted at the top.

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Co-Founder & Publisher: Neil Patel

 Co-Founder: Tucker Carlson


Editorial Staff:

Vince Coglianese, Editor-in-Chief
Paul Conner, Executive Editor
Scott Greer, Deputy Editor
Derek Draplin, Associate Editor
Peter Hasson, Associate Editor
Kaitlan Collins, White House Correspondent
Eric Owens, Education Editor
Mike Piccione, Guns and Gear Editor
Robert Mariani, Opinion Editor (Email op-ed submissions to [email protected])
Christian Datoc, Engagement and Breaking News Editor
Amber Athey, Media and Breaking News Reporter
David Hookstead, Head of Security, Sports Reporter
Katie Jerkovich, Entertainment Reporter
Ford Springer, Entertainment/Sports Reporter
Derek Hunter, Reporter
Heather Hunter, Reporter
Alex Pfeiffer, Reporter
Kerry Picket, Reporter
Chuck Ross, Reporter
Betsy Rothstein, Media Columnist
Jim Treacher, Blogger

Corporate Staff:

Brian Danza, Chief Technology Officer
Jack Kocsis, Director of Commerce
Margaret Crilley, Director of Operations and Public Affairs (Contact to book reporters for media appearances)
Matt Appleman, Marketing Strategist
Mike Raust, Graphic Designer and Video Editor
Neil Stevens, Web Developer
Patrick Kuo, Infrastructure and Hosting Specialist
Reverend Billy Cerveny, Chaplain
Richie McGinniss, Chief Video Editor
The Old, Leader of Team Old

Advertising Sales Staff:

Alex Treadway, Chief Revenue Officer
Chad Brady, Director of Advertising Operations
Krista Staley, National Account Director
Nancy Murphy, Sales Associate


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