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Perry campaign loses deputy finance director

1:00 PM 10/04/2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's deputy finance director, Louisa Imperiale, is leaving his presidential campaign, The Daily Caller has learned. In an email to friends, Imperiale cited "personal reasons" for her decision to leave the two-month-old campaign.

Obamacare back in Washington: Lawsuit advances to Supreme Court

11:24 AM 09/28/2011

A small-business group filed a petition with the Supreme Court, Wednesday morning, to expedite  review of the pending 26-state lawsuit against President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is requesting that the Supreme Court strike down the entire law as unconstitutional --- not just the individual mandate.

Paul Ryan: Obamacare’s days are numbered

3:19 PM 09/27/2011

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin showcased his policy credentials Tuesday at a speech at the Hoover Institution, optimistically making the case that Obama's health care reform law can be repealed and replaced.