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As Scott Brown fights for re-election, tea party groups vow to sit this one out

Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Sept. 23, 2011. (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg)

In 2010, he was the tea party poster boy. In 2012, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown may not get so much as a nod of acknowledgement from tea party groups.

Bachmann catches heat over accusations she advocated Obama impeachment

12:25 PM 10/05/2011

Minnesota congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is catching heat Tuesday for what first seemed like an affirmative response to an Iowa supporter who suggested President Barack Obama should be impeached.

Huntsman, Romney to outline foreign policy views

4:22 PM 10/04/2011

Two Republican presidential candidates are scheduled to give major foreign policy speeches during the coming week.

Perry campaign loses deputy finance director

1:00 PM 10/04/2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's deputy finance director, Louisa Imperiale, is leaving his presidential campaign, The Daily Caller has learned. In an email to friends, Imperiale cited "personal reasons" for her decision to leave the two-month-old campaign.

Florida Senate candidates start mudslinging

3:41 PM 10/03/2011

The Florida Senate race just got a little uglier.

Poll: Scott Brown in statistical dead heat with Elizabeth Warren

12:39 PM 10/03/2011

When Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley for the late Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat in 2010, the tea party movement was at its apex. But in 2012, Brown might be in for another tough and unpredictable race.

South Carolina sets primary at January 21, 2012

11:32 AM 10/03/2011

After weeks of nervous speculation, the early primary states are slowly solidifying the dates their voters will go to the polls to select their choices for the Republican presidential nominee.

Bachmann: ‘China has blinded United States satellites’

5:32 PM 09/30/2011

Minnesota Rep. and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann talked foreign policy Friday during an interview on the Laura Ingraham Show. Specifically, she zeroed in on China, saying the country has attacked American satellites with lasers.

New Hampshire secretary of state hints at 2011 primary date

4:46 PM 09/30/2011

In the wake of Florida's Friday decision to officially move its primary date up to Jan. 31, 2012, New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner released a statement hinting that the Granite State could hold its own Republican primary before the end of 2011.

Florida primary officially set for January 31

12:13 PM 09/30/2011

A commission of Florida state legislators officially announced its intent on Friday to move up the Sunshine State’s primary date -- and shake up the rest of the GOP primary calendar.

Immigration attack ad links Perry, former Mexican President Vincente Fox

10:41 AM 09/30/2011

The Romney campaign released yet another attack ad on Texas Governor Rick Perry, Friday. This one, titled, "Thank you Governor Perry," targets the in-state tuition break for children of illegal immigrants in Texas.

Huntsman supports China currency bill opposed by Club for Growth

2:21 PM 09/29/2011

The conservative Club for Growth issued a warning to the GOP presidential candidates Thursday, advising them to think carefully before supporting pending legislation that seeks to crack down on China’s currency manipulation.

Perry walks back ‘heartless’ line during GOP debate: ‘It was inappropriate’

4:55 PM 09/28/2011

Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry backed away Wednesday from his comment in the Fox News debate in Orlando, Fla., last week that sent conservatives reeling. When defending his in-state tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants, Perry said those who opposed it "did not have a heart."

FreedomWorks PAC endorses challenger to Ben Nelson

12:17 PM 09/28/2011

FreedomWorks PAC officially weighed in on the Nebraska Senate race Wednesday, endorsing Republican Don Stenberg. In 2012, Stenberg will be challenging incumbent Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson.

Obamacare back in Washington: Lawsuit advances to Supreme Court

11:24 AM 09/28/2011

A small-business group filed a petition with the Supreme Court, Wednesday morning, to expedite  review of the pending 26-state lawsuit against President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is requesting that the Supreme Court strike down the entire law as unconstitutional --- not just the individual mandate.

Ford: White House didn’t pressure us to pull anti-bailout ad

5:04 PM 09/27/2011

Ford Motor Co. pulled an ad because of pressure from the Obama administration, the Detroit News' Daniel Howes wrote in his column Tuesday. A campaigning Obama had Ford scratch the ad, he charges, because it presented a political liability in souring the public's views of the bailout.

Paul Ryan: Obamacare’s days are numbered

3:19 PM 09/27/2011

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin showcased his policy credentials Tuesday at a speech at the Hoover Institution, optimistically making the case that Obama's health care reform law can be repealed and replaced.

After last-place Florida straw poll showing, many wonder if Bachmann candidacy can survive

12:00 AM 09/27/2011

When Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann finished dead last in the Florida straw poll Saturday, more than one onlooker wondered how many nails were left to seal her coffin. The poll, in a state that elected a tea party governor in 2010, seemed to be a devastating blow to the popular conservative.

New poll shows Virginia US Senate candidates in dead heat

11:48 AM 09/26/2011

A new poll from Roanoke College in Virginia shows the Senate race in the Old Dominion is in a statistical dead heat. Republican candidate George Allen has a slight 42–39 lead over Democrat Tim Kaine. Nineteen percent are still undecided.