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COULTER: They Don’t Call It ‘The Great Tweet Of China’

7:34 PM 09/20/2017

During the campaign, Donald J. Trump made lots of promises -- he'd be the greatest jobs president that God ever created, he'd cut taxes, he'd balance the budget, he'd give all Americans fantastic health care, he'd renegotiate NAFTA, he'd scotch the Iran deal and so on.But there was one central promise without which he wouldn't have been elected: He said he'd build a wall.

COULTER: Even Trump Can’t Make Goldman Sachs Popular

4:05 PM 06/28/2017

Having pulled off the monumental achievement of getting elected with zero help from Wall Street, President Trump is at risk of throwing it all away. He seems to be turning his White House over not only to liberal Democrats, but to the very type of liberal Democrats he railed against on the campaign trail.