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      Andrew Glidden

      Andrew Glidden is a writer living in Austin, Texas. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He has been published in a variety of local, State, and National media outlets, including The Daily Californian, The California Patriot, FlashReport, and The Daily Caller. He has also been interviewed for articles appearing in Mother Jones and The Guardian. He writes about philosophy, law, and economics at

The End Of Venezuela’s Oldest Newspaper, And What It Means For Us

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during his radio program

As of yesterday, Venezuela’s oldest newspaper, El Impulso, has closed up shop. The editorial board named an inability to obtain paper as but one of many reasons for the paper’s decline, writing, “The obstacles we've faced to get paper, which we're running out of, represent just one link in a difficult chain of adversities inherent to the country's serious economic situation.”

Diane Tran and America’s overcriminalization problem

7:26 PM 05/27/2012

Diane Tran, an honors student at Willis High School near Houston, works two jobs to help out with family finances. She's been the sole breadwinner for her two siblings ever since her parents abandoned them in the course of a messy divorce. As a result, she's missed enough school that the aptly named Judge Moriarty has ordered her to pay a $100 fine and spend a day in jail. Her criminal record will stay with her for the rest of her life, jeopardizing her ability to find work or gain admission to a university.

Thanks for the offer, Mr. President, but we can stimulate ourselves

1:18 PM 09/09/2011

As is typical of politicians generally, and Obama particularly, the response to continued U.S. economic anemia is yet another speech. On Thursday, President Obama, channeling the spirits of two long-deceased progressive presidents, combined Teddy Roosevelt's bully pulpit with Woodrow Wilson's penchant for omnipotent and omnipresent government to call for --- wait for it --- more “stimulus.”

Obama sends birther claims to the grave

11:08 AM 04/28/2011

If Shakespearean plays were updated for modernity, Donald Trump's last decade might well be the premise of “Much Ado About Nothing.” After all, this is the man who started a legal war over the location of a flagpole in Southern California and starred in a reality TV series based on his own hiring decisions. More recently he's become the public face of the “birther” movement, which claims that President Obama is ineligible for his office by virtue of being born outside the United States.

Practicing free-market environmentalism

10:17 AM 12/14/2010

In “The Tragedy of Modern Environmental Thought,” I introduced a controversial idea: resources will never run out so long as humans have the necessary institutions (mainly free markets) to coordinate information and decision making. Some critics have raised fair questions: What about the period before environmental regulation, when there were well-documented ecological catastrophes? How does one take advantage of voluntary institutions to achieve ends consistent with both human flourishing and environmental protection? And how can a society correct for market failure?

The tragedy of modern environmental thought

4:39 PM 11/24/2010

Policymakers and most Americans with an environmentalist stripe frame the debate over resource management as one of wasteful overconsumption of scarce resources.  Any resource used today, they argue, cannot be used tomorrow.  Good public policy consists, at the very least, of not squandering these precious resources.