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Krauthammer: Obama ‘Oversteps Everywhere,’ Is ‘Destroying’ Balance Of Power [VIDEO]

8:28 PM 12/18/2014

In a discussion on the large number of President Barack Obama executive actions, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told Fox News' Bret Baier that the president "oversteps everywhere" because he's been forced to enact his agenda on his own, rather than going through Congress. Krauthammer said that while the checks and balances are doing exactly what they are there to do, Obama is "destroying that balance" with his use of executive action.

Jon Karl To Earnest: After Normalization Of Relations With Cuba, Is North Korea Next? [VIDEO]

4:12 PM 12/18/2014

During the White House briefing today, ABC News' Jon Karl asked spokesman Josh Earnest if, in the wake of the administration's normalization of relations with Cuba, President Barack Obama will be doing the same with North Korea. Karl asked this after Earnest went on discussing the U.S.'s precedent of dealing with nations with "checkered" records on human rights, specifically mentioning Burma and China.

Ed Henry To Earnest: Will We See ‘Replay Of Iraq’ In Afghanistan As Al-Qaida Rises? [VIDEO]

4:14 PM 12/16/2014

During Tuesday's White House briefing, Fox News' Ed Henry pressed spokesman Josh Earnest, asking him if the U.S.'s withdrawal plan in Afghanistan will lead to "a replay of Iraq," where the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria filled the vacuum after the U.S.'s troop pull out, according to Henry. The Fox reporter asked this in the wake of Tuesday's murder of 140 people at a Pakistani school at the hands of al-Qaida.

NYT Columnist: Hillary ‘So Out Of Step’ With Dems On Foreign Policy

8:23 PM 12/15/2014

During a discussion with the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens at the National Press Club Monday night, New York Times columnist David Brooks said Clinton is "so out of step" today with the Democratic Party on foreign policy, adding that she has no better than a 65 percent chance of winning her party's presidential nomination in 2016.