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Krauthammer: Ottawa Gunman, Homegrown Threats Are ‘New Face Of Terrorism’ [VIDEO]

Appearing on "Special Report" Wednesday night, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer opined that individual attacks such as the shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa Wednesday is "the new face of terrorism." Krauthammer also touched on how times have changed since the 1990s and 9/11 in particular, when terror organizations would have to send people to Western civilization to carry out these attacks.

CNN Anchor Mocks Bristol Palin’s Account Of Assault: ‘The Best Audio We’ve Ever Come Across’ [VIDEO]

5:37 PM 10/22/2014

CNN anchor Carol Costello openly mocked Bristol Palin's account to police of what led to the drunken brawl at an Alaska house party between some of her siblings and other guests. In the audio, Bristol Palin tells police in her expletive-filled account that she was pushed to the ground and dragged along the ground twice by a man during could be construed as an assault.

Earnest: If Dems Lose Senate, Obama Will Get ‘His Share Of The Blame’ [VIDEO]

4:08 PM 10/21/2014

In Wednesday's White House briefing, press secretary Josh Earnest told ABC News' Jon Karl that some blame will lie at President Obama's feet if Democrats lose control of the Senate. According to Earnest, "the president will get at least his share of the blame, whether that's deserved or not," while adding Obama will get credit if, on the flip side, Democrats end up victorious and hold on to control of the upper chamber of Congress.